Sleeping Baby - Sane Mommy

Sleeping Baby - Sane Mommy

Are you a sleepy new mama? One of the toughest things about being a new mom is the lack of sleep. Here are some helpful tips to get that beautiful baby of yours to sleep through the night.

1.] Teach them the difference between day and night. A lot of newborns slept in their mothers womb all day and partied at night. I know mine sure did. So when they are born they are still on that schedule. So when they are awake make sure to interact with them as much as possible. Even if that means sitting with them and reading them your new magazine. Make sure their room is nice and bright during the day. And at night make sure their room is nice and dark and when they wake up do not play with them. Whisper softly, feed them, and put them back down

2.] I know the number one thing that worked for me is swaddling. It doesn't always work for some babies. But most like the feeling of being tight and snug because it reminds them of their mommys womb. My favorite baby shower gift were my velcro swaddlers. They were life saving for me.

3.] Develop a routine. When it gets dark turn the lights in your house on low. Feed them a big nice bottle. Give them a nice warm bath followed by a massage with soothing baby lotion. Then read them a book in a soft whisper. Do this everyday and your baby will recognize that it is bedtime when you start doing these things.

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